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    Who is ROMWE?


    ROMWE was founded in Nanjing, China On Christmas Eve of 2009. From the catwalk to real world, our aim is to bring top fashion into your day. While now, “E” gets more attention, even though the world outside needs to be concerned. Sometimes we might desire a moment of peace, while concerning the outside world. Back to “ME” is all about you finding your own fashion. Some go for those high heels on the runway. And for those who rock the midnight oil, comfort punk is the way to go. That is your spirit and that’s “ME” fashion.

    What we wanna do?
    • Worldwide
    • Quality
    • New choices Daily

    • Designed in China
    • Affordable
    • Honest
    • Serving the world

      The last scene in “American Beauty”, a red plastic bags in flying away with the wind, up and down, which is similar to the flying feather in the beginning of “Forrest Gump”. Similar images portray different aspects of the baby boomers. Everyone’s got their own way through all of life’s twists and turns. In poker games, a good hand doesn’t always guarantee a good win.

      The “80s and 90s ” gen are always compared to the baby boomers in the US. There’s too many tags- “rebellious”, “egotistic”, “ignorant” in China. Also “pirating”, “suspicious”, “shy” and “cautious” throughout the world. Sometimes you just gotta play your cards-be they good or bad. Now is our time to play. But we wonder... How’s this game played?

      We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it... We are tolerant. We are diverse. We create things that we’re good at-and that people want.

    • Everyday Quality

      Our brains get too much info.
      Too many advertisements and just... stuff.
      Well, ROMWE keeps it simple for you.
      Need a break from that crazy world?
      Take a look at our Daily Updates.
      There is a new surprise every day.

    • Design in China


      China is part of our huge world. We-the new generation Chinese-love are connecting with the world. Tai Chi, Chinese characters, dumplings, Spring Festival, Jasmine or Chinese Dragon, such culture with 5000 years’ history will be expressed to you in ROMWE way.

      DIC Plan:

      Recruit China’s new fashion force. We may not bring your work to the catwalk, but we can bring real customers to you from all around the world.

      More affordable

      Every girl lacks at least one must-have item. We strive to find designs with better prices, popular styles and comfort.

      Honest Choice

      As we serve customers worldwide, we continually adjust our policy from pre-sale to after-sale.
      We promise the current policy is the most accurate one.

    About our team


    The features we have

    “Just do it”:

    no matter what happens, just be optimistic and keep moving on under stress.
    every one should be responsible at any time.
    do following the plan first, then talk.
    upright and honest is the most important principle for any one.
    only following your heart, you can keep enthusiastic.
    being funny and humorous, you will work happily with others.
    let’s always keep curious about the world.



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