1.Read the Fashion Blogger Policy and click the “agree” button.

Are you a fashion-industry blogger?

Romwe works with Fashion-Industry Blogging leaders in order to promote our website and products. Our bloggers benefit from special discounts and free products direct from our new product lines.
Then don’t hesitate, and send us an email( yourself.

Fashion Blogger Policy

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1.First of all, register on

We can only send freebies or coupons to you when you have a romwe account.

2.Romwe Fashion Blogger Qualifications.

Here’s what we are looking for:
- Established Bloggers
- Female
- Ages 15-35
- Maintains online platforms on their personal blog, Facebook and/or Youtube, etc.
- They love blogging about their own style!
- Whose followers or fans are at least 2000 on one platform (Facebook, Blog, ).
Please send your platform links to first. We will check it in a week and reply if you are approved. After being approved, you are one of our official Romwe Fashion Bloggers.

3.How we work with the Romwe Fashion Blogger.

We collaborate with Romwe Fashion Bloggers through products and promotions that are sent from us to you. Bloggers post pictures of our new products, and promotions on their platforms (via link), such as their personal blog, Facebook, Youtube, etc.
Romwe reserves the right to collect photos and/or posts from our Romwe Fashion Bloggers, and reposts these items on our Facebook Homepage.

4.Special Rules for Romwe Fashion Bloggers.

- Maintain Romwe’s current banner on your blog’s homepage, where applicable.
- All photos must be posted on your forum(s) within 7 days after receiving the items.
- All Posted photos and comments contain links to Romwe’s homepage (, or the product’s page on Romwe’s website.
- Maintain current promotions, as provided by Romwe, on your forum(s). This is normally a weekly event.